Moving Out

Moving Out

Please read the information below regarding move-out. If you have any questions, contact your Property Management Office

Fill the Truck!

Operated in partnership with Harvard Recycling and the Office for Sustainability, HUH collects your unwanted items and get them to those in need. The pick up schedule below will be in effect until further notice throughout the moving season.


  • 9am-10am: 16-18 Prescott St. - parking lot area 
  • 11am-noon: Holden Green - left side driveway


  •  9am-10am: 10 Akron St. - curbside
  •  11am-noon: 3/5/7 Grant St - parking lot area


  • 9 am-10am: Peabody Terrace – guest parking lot next to trash area
  • 11am-noon: 8 Mt Auburn St – back parking lot


  • 9am-10am: One Western Avenue -service drive between the SFP garage and One Western Avenue by the loading dock doors
  • 11am-noon: Botanic Gardens -parking area off Linnaean Street


  •  9am-10am: 5 Cowperthwaite - curbside
  • 11am-noon: Terry Terrace (Mellen St.)

View HUH Location and Pick-up Map

What you can donate

LARGE ITEMS - Loose or boxed (cleaned and/or wiped down)

  • Furniture including tables, chairs, couches, dressers, desks, beds, mattresses, mirrors, storage crates, trash cans, bulletin boards, rugs, etc.
  • Dishes, cups, silverware, pots, pans, and other cooking utensils
  • Tools and small appliances including mini-fridges, microwaves, fans, AC’s, lamps, clocks
  • Computers and parts, printers, cords, phones and other electronics, working or broken
  • Textbooks


  • Collected bagged or in boxes
  • Only non-perishable and unopened food items, bath/beauty supplies, and household cleaners

SIMPLE RECYCLING (aka the Pink Bags!)

  • Clothing, shoes, blankets, bedding, small books, office supplies, toys, and other various small housewares
  • Be sure to tie the drawstrings and don’t overweight the bags!

The pink bags can be picked up in the lobby/vestibule of your Property Management Office. They will also be available on the Harvard Recycling Truck during the specified pick-up times.

Donate safely

  • Please clean out and wipe down items before donating.
  • Donations can be dropped off at any of the designated locations, but ONLY on the days and times indicated on the schedule.
  • At donation sites please wear face coverings and keep a safe distance from one another. 
  • Leave your items in the designated areas only.

Please do not leave any unwanted items in your apartment, hallways, lobbies, trash areas, or elsewhere on the grounds of your property.

Questions? Email

Prior to your move-out day

  • Find out about any parking restrictions, need for permits, or truck size restrictions and Pods/storage containers.
  • Cancel your cable service and arrange for pick-up of your cable box (if applicable). The management office will not hold boxes for pick up.
  • Mail forwarding:
    • You can easily change your address online. Note that a credit card and $1.05 charge are required for the online option to avoid fraudulent changes. Or, you may visit a Post Office and complete a change of address card.
    • Cronkhite residents – please arrange mail forwarding through Harvard University Mail Services.
    • Once your lease ends you are not permitted to access your old mailbox.
  • If you get frequent or automatic package deliveries (contact lenses, medications, food, etc.) please make sure the company of origin and FedEx, UPS, or any other carrier knows that you are moving.
  • If you have an air conditioner, please email RentAnAC or call them at 617-903-3274 to arrange for removal.

On your move-out day

  • Remove all personal belongings (furniture, personal items, food, rubbish, etc.) from your apartment, and from your storage area (if applicable). Harvard University Housing is not responsible for any personal items left behind.
  • If you reside in a furnished apartment, the supplied furniture, lamps, etc. must remain. If Harvard Housing has supplied an air conditioner cover, please leave it in the unit.
  • Avoid unwanted charges by cleaning your apartment completely prior to your departure
    • All trash and recyclables should be removed and disposed of properly – do NOT leave items in trash rooms.
    • Empty and clean your refrigerator.Clean your oven and stovetop.
    • Sweep or vacuum floors.
  • Do not leave unwanted furniture and household items in trash rooms or common areas. 

Safety during your move

  • Do not prop open doors for any length of time.
  • Keep your door locked as you go in and out of your apartment.
  • Please do not prop open elevator doors; this will cause the elevator to shut down. 

Power Down

  • Turn off the apartment lights, vents, and air conditioning (if applicable).
  • Close all windows and doors.

Key/Fob Return

  • Please leave them on the kitchen counter and contact your Property Management Office to let them know you have done so.
  • Failure to return all keys and/or fobs may result in a fee, as per Harvard University Housing Policies and Procedures.
  • Cronkhite residents: Please leave your (empty) unit unlocked, place the unit and mailbox keys in a labeled envelope, and  slide them under the door to the Property Management Office. If you have questions, send an email to