Policies and Procedures

Harvard University Housing residents must follow all HUH policies. On this page, we've included a selection of our most commonly referenced general policies. For a full list, download our policies and procedures PDF.

Additionally, you can view a sample HUH lease here

For information specific to your property, refer to its property listing in Apartments.


Pets are only allowed in certain units within specific HUH properties, and there are restrictions on the number, type, breed, and weight of permitted pets. You will need to complete a Pet Authorization and Policies Rider before you move in. (You can view a   sample policy  rider here.) All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed yearly. Exceptions to the HUH pet policies may be granted only on the basis of an approved eligible reasonable accommodation.

Search for pet-friendly apartments (filter for Pets Allowed under Amenities), or view a list of our pet-friendly units here.

A worried looking brown and white french bulldog lying down and resting on sofa.

Heating and Electricity

Heat and Electricity are included in the rent for all HUH properties. Our properties comply with Massachusetts heating regulations, which require:

  • Providing heat from September 15 through June 15 each year
  • Minimum temperature of 68°F between 7:00 AM and 11:00 PM
  • Minimum temperature of 64°F at all other hours
A hand pressing the up button on a house's wall thermostat that displays the temperature of 82 degrees F.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is included in the rent for some HUH properties:

  • May 1 through October 31
  • When the outside temperature is 60°F or above

In buildings where air conditioning is not included, residents can rent an air conditioner from HUH's approved vendor RentAnAC. If you bring your own, size and efficiency standards apply and the unit must be installed by RentAnAC.

Air conditioning units

  • Can be used from April 15 through October 31
  • Must be removed on or before October 31

To request an air conditioning unit installation, please refer to the air conditioning rider that you received in your lease package.

The interior of the Solder's Field building with many windows and a glass door, in addition to an air conditioning unit.


All of our properties are smoke-free. Smoking, vaping, and any device or method used for smoking any substance are prohibited.

You are not allowed to smoke anywhere within a HUH property including (but not limited to):

  • All indoor areas
  • Apartment balconies and patios
  • Near building entrances and exits
  • All exterior HUH premises
  • Any other designated non-smoking area 
A black No smoking sign attached to a brick wall.