Application Process for Roommates and Family

Applying with a Roommate

If you are applying for the Harvard University Housing’s Housing Lottery, we recommend that each roommate applies individually (without listing any co-lessees) to increase your chances of getting an apartment.

  • You must apply between March 1 and May 1. 
  • In early May, each applicant will receive a View and Select window assignment as long as they have not selected from the 'Currently Available' list in the applicant portal.
  • Whichever roommate selects an apartment first will act as the primary applicant. Next, the primary applicant will need to email the Leasing Office
    ( to add their roommate(s) to their application prior to receiving and signing the unit lease.

Important information about primary applicants:

  • The person selecting the apartment is considered the primary applicant.
  • Only the primary applicant will receive emails from HUH during the application and leasing process until the roommate(s) are added to the lease.

Learn more about living with a roommate and adding a roommate to your lease.

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Applicants with Family

HUH is happy to welcome families of eligible affiliates. They are considered “Authorized Occupants” on your lease. Authorized Occupants include spouses or domestic partners, children, parents, or siblings.

  • Authorized Occupants may not lease or live in a HUH unit without the affiliated resident.
  • You must include the Authorized Occupant on your Harvard University Housing Application.
    • If you want to add an Authorized Occupant after signing your lease, you must contact the Leasing Office to complete and submit an Authorized Occupant Form.
  • Authorized Occupants are not permitted to live in Cronkhite Graduate Center or 4-6 Mount Auburn Street.
  • Maximum occupancy rules apply.

For applicants with children, there are a few things to be aware of during the application and housing selection process. Please see below.

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