Eligibility and Occupancy Guidelines

Harvard University Housing is available to full-time graduate students, faculty, and employees of Harvard University.

Graduate Students

To qualify for housing, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Full-time, tuition-paying Harvard graduate student
  • Valid affiliation through March 1, 2025 or later

Not Eligible

These groups are not eligible to lease our apartments, but they may apply to sublet from a current resident:

  • Undergraduates
  • Harvard Extension School students
  • Harvard Summer School students

Faculty and Employees

To qualify for housing, you need to meet one of the following requirements:

  • Full-time, working a minimum of 35 hours per week with an active Harvard University ID number, receiving a Harvard University paycheck, and eligible for full University benefits
  • Full-time Harvard appointee with an active Harvard University ID and eligible for full University benefits.

If you are currently affiliated with Harvard and are starting a new job, you must submit your new appointment letter to us as part of your rental application so we can confirm eligibility. Affiliation must be valid through March 1, 2025.

Not Eligible

These groups are not eligible to lease our apartments:

  • Harvard University-sponsored roles
  • Smithsonian affiliates
  • Appointees/positions not eligible for full University benefits
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Authorized Occupants

Occupants may live with a spouse/domestic partner, child, parent, or sibling, all of which are considered “Authorized Occupants.” 

When applying, there will be two options to add someone to your application. Authorized Occupants should be indicated with the 'Non-Affiliated Occupant' option.

If you add an Authorized Occupant after you apply and sign a lease, you must submit an Authorized Occupant Form to the Leasing Office. Please contact the Leasing Office at leasing@harvard.edu for more information or to request an Authorized Occupant Form.

Authorized Occupants cannot rent a HUH unit if the original Occupant, or affiliated leaseholder, vacates the apartment.

We cannot accommodate Authorized Occupants in Cronkhite Graduate Center and 4-6 Mount Auburn Street.

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Occupancy Guidelines

These guidelines apply to the total number of occupants allowed, including the affiliate(s), listed on your housing application, roommates you want to add to your lease later, and subletters.

Apartment type

Max # of Harvard affiliates
and Authorized Occupants

4-6 Mt. Auburn single    




Harvard @ Trilogy Suite (per bedroom) 


1 bedroom


1 bedroom convertible


2 bedroom efficiency


2 bedroom


3 bedroom

6 (family) 4 (roommates)

4 bedroom

6 (family) 4 (roommates)

Note: The guidelines for specific apartments may vary according to their total square footage and the square footage for each bedroom. The number of occupants is limited by Massachusetts occupancy regulations.

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