Key Pick-up Instructions

Key Pick-up Instructions

Key Pick-Up

Please contact your Property Management Office at least two business days in advance of your planned move-in to make key pick up arrangements. That time is required to program fobs, set up a lock box, and communicate back to the tenant. Staff is not necessarily in the office during the pandemic, so it is imperative that you make arrangements in advance. 

For the fastest response to leasing issues, please email, not the Property Management Office. 

Parking Your Car, Moving Van, or Truck

Botanic Group, Mt. Auburn Group, and Cronkite Center:

  • Temporary on-site parking for moving vans or trucks may not be available at your location and on- campus visitor parking is limited. Please visit the Harvard University Parking Services website in advance of your move for information about obtaining an on-campus resident or visitor parking permit. 
  • A permit must be obtained in advance to park your moving van on Cambridge city streets. Visit the Cambridge Traffic and Parking Department website or call 617-349-4721.
  • A limited amount of on-street metered parking spaces for your car may be available in the area and several private parking lots and garages are located in Harvard Square.
  • Somerville residents can reserve a space for a moving van by submitting an application and fee payment four business days before their moving date. Once approved, residents are given a No Parking sign which must be posted at the space 48 hours in advance and reported to 311 to be enforced. Contact Somerville Traffic and Parking, 617-666-3311;

Peabody Terrace:

  • Temporary parking for moving vans or trucks in the Peabody Terrace visitors’ parking lot is very limited and is available by permit only. Contact Harvard University Parking Services (617-496-7827) in advance of your move for information.
  • Mobile storage units are not permitted on Peabody Terrace property.
  • Temporary on-street metered parking in Cambridge is limited.
  • A permit must be obtained in advance to park your moving van on Cambridge city streets. Visit the Cambridge Traffic and Parking Department Moving Van Permit website or call 617-349-4721.

Soldiers Field Park and One Western Avenue:

  • Please e-mail the management office at least a week prior to your move in date  to arrange for key/fob and moving pass issuance. Please be advised that the issuance of a moving pass is not a guarantee that there will be space available on the day you move.
  • Saturday or Sunday is highly recommended as the parking areas are less crowded. 
  • Trucks may not exceed 26 feet; anything larger (i.e., tractor trailers) will not fit on the property and will be turned away. 
  • Building 1 at Soldiers Field Park and other areas of the surface lot may be affected by parking restrictions due to construction activities. 
  • Mobile storage units may be permitted in designated areas on a first-come-first-served basis, provided arrangements are made with Property Management in advance; the units must be removed from the site within 72 hours of delivery.

Harvard @ Trilogy:

  • Temporary on-site parking for moving vans or trucks is very limited and must be scheduled in advance of your move by calling 617-998-7549.
  • Parking reservations are made on a first-come-first-served basis, and we cannot guarantee a parking space for your moving truck.
  • Residents are limited to a two-hour move in/move out window.
  • Loading dock reservations must be made a minimum of two business days in advance of your move (earlier notice is preferable). Loading dock reservations cannot be reserved on the same day of your move. Submit your reservation request at by emailing or calling (617 998-7549) the management office.
  • If you are using a professional moving company, they must either email a PDF or fax (617-384-5945) a copy of a Certificate of Insurance, listing your name and unit number, to the management office prior to the move-in date.
  • Moving companies bonded with the City of Boston may apply in advance of your move for a Street Occupancy Permit ( to park their truck or van on the street.
  • Elevators will not be locked off for moving.
  • Please note that the height clearance for moving trucks is 12’ 3”. Larger tractor-trailer moving trucks will not fit into the move-in area; mobile storage containers/PODs also cannot be accommodated.