Welcome and Arrival Information

Welcome and Arrival Information

Welcome, and thank you for choosing to Make Harvard Home! 

  • Select your property from the drop-down list for specific information; general arrival information is below that.
  • Learn about Massachusetts travel forms, quarantining, and other requirements
  • HUH needs two to seven business days notice to prepare keys and fobs for safe, socially-distanced pick up. 
  • Common rooms, study rooms, and gyms in Harvard University Housing are closed and will remain so until further notice. 
  • Email is our primary method of contacting residents and their emergency contacts so be sure that the email addresses we have on file are current and checked frequently.  
    • You can change your email address in the Resident Portal; please email leasing@harvard.edu to update emergency contact information.

Find Your Property

Here is some information to make your arrival at Harvard University Housing go smoothly.


If you are bringing your school-age children, be sure to check public school registration requirements well in advance of your arrival.


Dogs living with you in your pet-friendly apartment must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed with the City of Cambridge every year. View the pet and service animal policies.

International students

Consider "unlocking" your phone prior to leaving your home country. This will enable you to use a SIM card from a company such as campusSIMS or US Mobile in your phone. Those sim cards may be available at the Property Management Office. Also, take a moment to visit the Harvard International Office web site.

Key Pick-up

Key pick-up processes vary by Property Office, with arrangements being required two to seven days in advance. 


If you plan on bringing a moving van or truck it will NOT fit under the overpasses (10' clearance) on Storrow Drive, Soldiers Field Road, and Memorial Drive. Plan your route in advance to avoid a hazardous and costly problem.

Parking arrangements for trucks and vans must be made in advance.

Please visit your property page and click on "Amenities & Features" for information about parking your car.

Furniture and Lighting

Most HUH units have NO furniture--the unit is empty except for a stove and refrigerator. You need to bring, buy, or rent a bed, other furniture, and household items. Click here to learn what is included in units that are designated as furnished. In many HUH units, rooms do NOT have overhead lights, so you also may need table or floor lamps.

Hanging Items on Walls

As you are not allowed to use nails, screws, or otherwise make holes in the walls, we recommend the use of 3M Command or similar products for hanging pictures. If an item is too heavy to be safely secured without nails, screws, etc., you will not be able to attach it to the wall.