Beckwith Circle

$3,024 $4,236

Beckwith Circle, Somerville, MA 02143

Property Details

Built in 1949 and renovated in 1999, this three-story apartment building features a spacious courtyard.

Bicycle storage

Apartment Details

  • Kitchens include gas stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Electric stove in one accessible unit.
  • Wood and linoleum flooring
  • Cable TV ready
  • Free wireless internet
  • Non-smoking
  • No pets
  • Some accessible units. Email for information on specific accommodations.


  • Heat, hot and cold water, and electricity included in the rent
  • Heat: forced hot water
  • Air conditioning: available for rent

Community Features

  • Additional storage: basement (limited)
  • Bicycle storage: located in 252 Beacon Street (limited)
  • Laundry: located in 252 Beacon Street
  • Common room
  • Parking: on-street with resident sticker, or through Harvard University Parking Services for additional fee

Pricing and Floor Plans

These rents show the range of what you can expect to pay to live here. Harvard University Housing calculates the actual rent based on the current market.


This property is managed by the Botanic Property Management Group

  • Please view our  Contact Us  page for the most up-to-date information and Office Hours for the Botanic Property Management team, Leasing team, Graduate Commons, and more. 

Getting Started

Download these helpful PDFs before you arrive:

Activate your Harvard ID Card

  • Harvard affiliates living in Beckwith Circle must have their Harvard ID cards activated by our office. New Harvard affiliates must return the temporary swipe card issued by our office before we can activate newly issued Harvard ID cards.

Stay Informed

  • Email is our primary method of contacting residents and their emergency contacts so be sure the email addresses we have on file are current and checked frequently. 
  • You can change your email address in the Resident Portal. Please email to update emergency contact information.
  • International Students, consider "unlocking" your phone prior to leaving your home country. To learn more, visit the Harvard International Office website.
  • All Harvard affiliates are asked to sign up for the University's Emergency Notification System, messageme.

Policies and Procedures

  • Please contact your Property Management Office at least two business days in advance of your planned move-in to make key pick-up arrangements. That time is required to program fobs and communicate back to the tenant.
  • Temporary on-site parking for moving vans or trucks may not be available at your location and on-campus visitor parking is limited. Please visit the Harvard University Parking Services website in advance of your move for information about obtaining an on-campus resident or visitor parking permit. 
  • A permit must be obtained in advance to park your moving van on Cambridge city streets. Visit the Cambridge Traffic and Parking Department website or call 617-349-4721.
  • A limited amount of on-street metered parking spaces for your car may be available in the area and several private parking lots and garages are located in Harvard Square.
  • Somerville residents can reserve a space for a moving van by submitting an application and fee payment four business days before their moving date. Once approved, residents are given a No Parking sign which must be posted at the space 48 hours in advance and reported to 311 to be enforced. Contact Somerville Traffic and Parking, 617-666-3311;

Internet Access

  • XFINITY wireless Internet access is available in your apartment and in all common spaces in the building.
  • Login information and a password will be provided when you pick up your keys at the Property Management Office.
  • Please email the Comcast Support Team or call them at 866-848-0281 if you have questions about this service. 
  • Note that you will need to use VPN to connect to Harvard sites that require a Harvard IP address. Please call your school's helpdesk if you need assistance with your VPN login.

Cable Television, Satellite Dishes, and Antennas

  • Cable television service is available through Comcast. For service, contact the Comcast representative for Beckwith Circle at 857-288-9315. 
  • Satellite television dishes, aerials, or antennas may not be installed without prior written consent from HUH. 
  • Residents are responsible for paying any installation and removal charges, and monthly fees. 


  • Any contract made for phone service (landline or cellular) is between the resident and their service provider, not HUH.
  • Landline telephones must be connected to existing outlets, and residents are responsible for paying installation and removal charges, and monthly fees.
  • To arrange for landline service, contact Verizon at 800-837-4966 or Comcast at 857-288-9315.
  • Mobile phone service cannot be guaranteed in any apartment.
  • A mailbox for each apartment is located outside in the hallway. You will be issued a mailbox key when you pick up your apartment keys.
  • We recommend that you put a hold on your mail if you plan to be away for an extended period of time. Visit to learn how you can do so.
  • Please be sure to recycle all of your mail and packaging waste. Additionally, we recommend visiting to reduce the amount of unwanted mail sent to your new address.

Important Information

  • Please be aware that the Property Management Office does not accept or store packages for residents at any time. 
  • If you are shipping items to your HUH apartment, please plan for your packages to arrive after you move in, arrange for packages to be held by the post office or shipping company, or make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to receive and hold your packages.

About Recycling At HUH

In accordance with the city municipal code, HUH is required to separate recyclable materials from trash. Eighty percent of what you throw out can be recycled, and our comprehensive Single Stream Recycling Program means you can collect all recyclable materials (paper, flattened cardboard, clean containers of aluminum, steel, plastics #1-7, and glass) together in your recycling bag. Please use a separate bin to collect household trash (food waste, Styrofoam, used tissues, etc.). Learn more about living sustainably at HUH.

Recycling and Trash

  • Regular household trash that cannot be recycled should be disposed of in the trash bins located between 252 Beacon Street and 4 Beckwith Circle.
  • The recycling station is located between 252 Beacon Street and 4 Beckwith Circle. 
  • Please do not throw trash in with recyclable materials.

Please help us to maintain a clean and pest-free environment:

  • Regularly empty both recycling and trash to minimize odors.
  • Cardboard boxes should be flattened and left in a recycling area.
  • Do not leave recycling, boxes, or trash in any common area, on the sidewalk, or next to bins. If a bin is full, we ask that you find another recycling/trash area to use (if available) and that you notify the Property Management Office.
  • Apartments are equipped with a garbage disposal. 
  • Disposals are activated either by inserting the disposal cover (kitchen sink stopper) in the position specified in the directions on the handle of the disposal cover or by flipping the nearby wall switch. 
  • Disposals are not designed to process large amounts of food and should not be used for rice or fibrous foods (i.e., celery, carrots, potatoes, and other types of foods with peels).
  • Coin-operated washers and dryers are available for use on the first floor of 252 Beacon Street. The laundry room is accessible with your apartment entry key.
  • We request that these facilities not be used outside of the hours of 8:00 AM–10:00 PM, as, in many instances, occupied apartments are located directly above the laundry area.
  • Please be courteous and remove your laundry from machines promptly when washing or drying is complete.
  • Machines may not be able to accommodate certain items. If you experience any problems with the machines, please contact the service provider, CSC ServiceWorks (877-264-6622). 
  • To reduce your laundry’s environmental impact, consider only washing full loads on the cold water cycle.
  • Furnished common room available for casual gatherings.

Property Storage

  • There is limited basement storage.
  • HUH does not recommend storage of valuables in the storage area and is not liable for water or any other damage to property or for loss or theft of property. 
  • We recommend the use of pallets in basement storage areas as heavy rains may produce water on basement floors.
  • Property Management staff may require access to your locked bin to make emergency repairs.
  • Storage is not allowed in the public hallways, stairwells or fire escapes. Any items left outside of the storage area may be removed and discarded or recycled by the Property Management staff without notification, at the tenant’s expense. 

Bicycle Storage

  • Limited bike storage is located at 252 Beacon Street. Use your apartment key to access it.
  • Bicycles should not be left in hallways or attached to stair railings benches, entryway or gates. Bicycles found in hallways or attached to the foregoing may be removed and discarded by the Property Management staff without notice at the tenant’s expense.
  • We require residents to register their bicycles with the Harvard University Police Department.

Residents can rent a window unit from RentAnAC (Harvard University Housing's approved vendor), or bring their own, which must be installed by RentAnAC. Review the air conditioning policy (PDF) for this property.

Pets are not allowed at Beckwith Circle, with the exception of fish in a 50-gallon or smaller aquarium.

HUH prohibits the use of grills at all HUH residential properties. This includes charcoal, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, and electric grills, as well as smokers, hibachis, chimineas, etc. 

Smoke Detectors

  • Your building is equipped with individual smoke detectors within each apartment as well as a common area fire alarm system. Apartment detectors will sound only in your apartment when activated. They will not silence until the source of the alarm is eliminated. Open windows to ventilate your apartment if food is burned. Do not open doors to hallways to ventilate.
  • Common area detectors are linked throughout the building. The entire system will sound if one common area detector is activated. If this occurs, the building must be evacuated and the fire department will be called. The system will not be silenced until it is determined by the fire department that the occupants are not in danger.
  • Do not remove or disable detectors. Deliberate triggering of false fire alarms and tampering with apartment or building fire safety equipment are more than a nuisance; they are subject to criminal penalties under Massachusetts law.
  • All detectors and alarm systems are checked and maintained during annual fire safety inspections. Fire alarm testing can be loud and invasive. We make every effort to take academic activity into account when scheduling testing and to provide advance notification to residents. Please contact the Property Management Office for more information.


  • Units are equipped with sprinklers. The sprinkler head will be activated at temperatures of 165°F and above.
  • Sprinkler systems that are not recessed are very sensitive and can be activated if they are banged or pulled. 
  • Please do not hang anything from sprinklers or sprinkler pipes and refrain from stacking items close to them (a minimum of 18” of clearance underneath the sprinkler is required). 
  • Residents are responsible for damages caused by activation due to improper use.
  • It is your responsibility to insure any personal property. HUH and Harvard University do not cover the cost of replacing residents’ personal items (clothing, computers, furniture, stereos, books, etc.) that may be damaged or lost due to theft, fire, water, or vandalism. 
  • Personal property insurance may be obtained by searching online for local insurance agents, National Student Services, Inc. (800-256-6774), or CSI Insurance Agency, Inc. (888-411-4911). 
  • Full-time Harvard employees may also be able to obtain discounted insurance through MetLife (to obtain a quote, call Marsh@WorkSolutions at 866-228-3516). 
  • Students may first want to check if they are covered under their parents’ homeowners policy, if applicable. Also, residents who live here and own a home elsewhere may want to add appropriate coverage to their home insurance policy for a small additional fee.