Application Info

Application Info

Two ways for approved applicants to select a unit


Housing Lottery: Time-Specific

  • For applications submitted between March 1 and May 1, eastern time.
  • Approved applicants will be randomly assigned “View” and “Select” dates.
  • On your view date, when you can see info about available units, create wish list of at least 10 options.  
  • You share your select date with hundreds of other applicants. Remember your 10 options when logging on to select a unit!
  • Your leasing package will be emailed within a few business days.
  • Once you receive your lease contract, any request to change your selection will result in the cancellation of the selection. You may reapply, but will only be allowed to select from the Currently Available list.
  • See the timeline below.

Currently Available: Year-Round

  • Approved applicants can logon to the applicant portal at any time to see available units.
  • Units are added throughout the year, so check back often.
  • If you select a unit you will receive an email with information about signing your lease.
  • Visit for information about selecting a room at Cronkhite Center.

Things to Consider

  • Start dates are not negotiable.
  • If you lease from Currently Available, you will no longer part of the lottery (view and select) process.
  • Once you receive your lease contract, any request to change your selection will result in the cancellation of the selection. You may reapply, but may only select from Currently Available.
  • The more flexible you are in terms of location, amenities, etc., the more likely you are to find a Harvard University Housing Unit.
  • Consider a roommate to reduce housing costs. You can search on Please be sure they meet eligibility requirements.

Housing Lottery Timeline

  • March 1 – May 1: Apply during this time to participate in the lottery.  
  • First to second week of May: View and select date assignments are sent by email.
  • Second week of May: The view and select dates begin. They run from 11 AM to 11:00 AM the following day.
  • May to June: View and select dates end in May or June, depending on the number of available units and number of applications.

submitting an application

  • Before submitting an application, please check your eligibility, the occupancy guidelines, and read all the information in the tabs below.
  • We will send an email within three business days of receiving your application letting you know if it is approved (validated), denied, or if more information is required.
  • Applications will not be processed until all requested information is submitted.
  • Important information regarding your application is sent to you via email, so regularly check the email address used in your application, as well as your spam filter.

View our Admit Video

  • Lease start dates are not negotiable.
  • The Select process is "first-click, first-served" so a unit you viewed may not be available when you attempt to select it.
    • We suggest you have more than one unit you would consider choosing; take advantage of  your "View" day to create this list.
  • After you click the "Select" button you will be asked to “Confirm” your selection. Please be absolutely sure of your selection before you click "Confirm."
    • See below as to what will happen if you wish to change your mind after confirming.
  • Once you select a unit a leasing coordinator will validate your selection and you will receive an email within two business days notifying you that your lease documents are ready for e-signature.
  • Once you receive email notification that HUH has executed your signed lease, you are considered a future resident, not an applicant. From now on, you will want to log in to the Resident Portal to view your account.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you make a mistake or change your mind after confirming your selection, please contact us immediately.

  • We can cancel your request and you must submit a new application.
    • It can take up to three business days for an application to be approved.
    • Once your new application is approved the only inventory you will have access to is that on Currently Available. If you had been in a select Window, you will NOT be able to get back into the same window and will NOT be reassigned to another window.

Questions? Send an email to or call 617 495-1459.


  • Click here for complete details about HUH Pet-Friendly Housing Policies and a list of apartments that are pet friendly.


  • To find buildings with furnished units you can select "furnished" as an option when viewing our properties or you can view a complete list of furnished units.
  • Furnishings may vary between units and you will need to view the unit rider carefully for details regarding specific furnishings. You can get a general idea about furnishings by viewing the furnished unit list.
  • Note: A property with any furnished apartments will show up when you search for furnished apartments. However, it does not guarantee that there are furnished apartments in all unit sizes. Please view the complete list of furnished units for details.

Cronkhite Graduate Center

HUH offers 120 traditional furnished residence hall units with common baths and kitchens in the Cronkhite Graduate Center. Note that a meal plan is required. Click here for details about applying to live in Cronkhite.

4-6 Mount Auburn Street

This property offers single occupancy rooms with shared baths. The majority are furnished; please see the furnished units list for details. This is one of our most affordable options.

HLS Graduate Student Housing Block

  • HUH and HLS partner to reserve the HLS Graduate Student Housing Block comprising a number of apartments in Terry Terrace and 29 Garden Street that are available exclusively to HLS students. Click here for more information.

Note: Availability of special housing options is limited. Please visit the specific property pages for more information.

HUH applicants and residents. Do NOT share any personal information, including but not limited to Harvard University Housing login and password, offer letter, school acceptance letter and lease approval letter with anyone other than a member of the Harvard University Housing staff. This information is not required by potential applicants, residents, roommates, or subletters. If you get such a request from an email address with an extension other than, or if you are unsure about the validity of such a request, please call (617) 495-1459 or email the Leasing Office.