Botanic Gardens - Gardenside Area Graduate Commons Program

Botanic Gardens - Gardenside Area Graduate Commons Program


Harvard graduate students, faculty, staff, and their families are encouraged to participate in the Graduate Commons Program's intellectual, cultural, and social events. This unique  interdisciplinary program provides a “home away from home” by creating a community for residents, along with opportunities to have fun, collaborate across disciplines, and—through the Meet the Scholar program—have unparalleled access to Harvard faculty in a small group setting.

The academic aspect of the program is guided by the Gardenside Area Faculty Directors, Professor Nancy Hill and Rendall Howell, who reside in 5 Cowperthwaite Street and by Professor Christopher Winship and Nancy Winship, who reside in 29 Garden Street. They also share in the social and cultural event planning done by our full-time professional staff and Resident Community Advisors.

We hope you will join us for many of the upcoming events.

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