One Western Avenue Recycling & Trash

One Western Avenue Recycling & Trash

About Recycling at HUH

In accordance with city municipal code, HUH is required to separate recyclable materials from trash. Eighty percent of what you throw out can be recycled, and our comprehensive Single Stream Recycling Program means you can collect all recyclable materials (paper, flattened cardboard, clean containers of aluminum, steel, plastics #1-7, and glass) together in your recycling bag. Please use a separate bin to collect household trash (food waste, Styrofoam, used tissues, etc.).

Please help us to maintain a clean and pest-free environment.

  • Regularly empty both recycling and trash to minimize odors
  • Cardboard boxes should be flattened and left in a recycling area.
  • Do not leave recycling, boxes, or trash in any common area, on the sidewalk, or next to bins. If a bin is full, we ask that you find another recycling/trash area to use (if available) and that you notify the Property Management Office.

Please click here if you have questions regarding the type of materials that can be recycled, how to collect recycling, or where to dispose of it properly.

Recycling and Trash Disposal

Small Recyclables

Use the recycling setup in your trash room for your everyday recycling. To help maintain a clean and effective system, please:

  • Remove all food residue and liquids (to avoid odor issues) as well as Styrofoam and plastic wrappings/liners (not recyclable) from all containers and boxes.
  • Flatten items the best you can to maximize space.
  • Empty your recycling loose or in a paper bag. Do not use plastic bags to dispose of your recycling – they are not recyclable and contaminate the recycling.

Note: small cardboard boxes can be flattened and left next to the recycling bag.

Oversized Recyclables

  • Please use the dedicated outdoor area for recycling large cardboard boxes and other oversized and heavy items such as laundry baskets and books. It is located next to the parking garage across from SFP Entry 2.

Recycling On the Go

  • To make it easy to recycle on the go, we have installed a number of Big Belly recyclers on the property. Please enjoy the convenience of these bins, but use your building’s main recycling setup to discard your household items.

Trash Disposal

Regular household trash that cannot be recycled should be disposed of as follows:

  • Tower Residents: Use the trash room on your floor. It is the first door on the left as you walk past the elevators on your right. (#100A - #1500A, depending on your floor).
  • Bridge Residents: Use the tower trash room on your floor or trash room #’s 610F, 710F, or 810F.
  • Court Residents (floor 1): Use trash room #131C located next to the elevator in the Court south main lobby.
  • Court Residents (floors 2-5): Use the trash rooms located across from the elevator lobbies at the end of each Court (#’s 260D, 360D, 460D, 560D or 230B, 330B, 430B, 530B).