One Western Avenue Maintenance, Emergency Repairs & Lockouts

One Western Avenue Maintenance, Emergency Repairs & Lockouts

We encourage you to promptly report all maintenance problems you may be experiencing.

Regular Maintenance Requests

Please call the office at 617-495-2154 during regular office hours or submit your request online by logging in to the resident portal (use the Resident Portal link at the top of the page) and clicking the “Work Order” option. NOTE: Requests and emails submitted outside regular office hours will be reviewed the next business day. You (and your roommates, if applicable) will receive email confirmation when the work request has been generated. The submitter of the request will be able to view additional information online by following the login instructions above.

Emergency Repairs

Please call the office at 617-495-2154.If the office is closed, you will be instructed to press “0”, which will connect you to the Operations Center. An operator will take your information and then page on-call personnel to assist you. Please do not send an email regarding an emergency request as email is not monitored outside of regular business hours.


Please remember to take your keys with you when you leave your apartment.

Lockouts during regular office hours: If you are locked out of your apartment during office hours, please call or come to the Property Management Office. A member of the office staff will let you back into your apartment at no charge, provided you can show proof of residency. If staff are unavailable you may sign out a key to access your apartment. There is no charge, provided you return the key the same day. If the key is not returned by the deadline, management will change your apartment door lock/core and you will be charged a $200.00 key/lock replacement fee.

Lockouts after office hours: Call 617-495-2154.  You will hear a message asking you to press “0” if you need emergency assistance. Explain that you are locked out of your One Western Avenue apartment and provide your telephone number, building, and apartment number. An arrangement will be made for you to meet our on-call personnel.

Fee for after-hours lockout calls: There is a $100.00 charge for after-hours lockout calls, payable by check, tenant ledger, or student bill (if applicable). You must authorize this charge by signing a Lockout Call form when you meet with our staff (this form must be signed before management will let you into your apartment). A valid I.D. is required and you must be named on the lease or on an approved Harvard University Housing (HUH) Authorized Occupant Form to gain access to the apartment or to purchase additional keys and swipe cards (if applicable).

Additional or replacement keys: These may be purchased during office hours only. Payment must be made by credit card. Please see Housing Policies and Procedures for Harvard University Housing Tenants for details regarding restrictions and fees for additional or replacement keys and swipe cards.

Note: One business day is required to make new keys.