Persons Requiring Assistance in an Emergency

Persons Requiring Assistance in an Emergency


If you, or a family member living with you in Harvard University Housing has a disability, medical, or temporary physical condition which may limit ability to evacuate during a building emergency, you or the appropriate individual may contact the Harvard University Housing Disability Housing Coordinator at 617-496-9767. This information will be kept confidentially and will be used by University Operations to inform Fire, Police, and other appropriate agencies who, when responding to potential /actual building emergencies, will do so in accordance with their procedures.

Harvard's Environmental Health and Safety department has developed these protocols for persons requiring assistance in an emergency. 

Please Note the Following Limitations

Depending on the agencies’ specific procedures, nature of the call, emergency response, and existing/developing conditions, emergency responders may or may not enter premises, notify, or communicate to individuals regarding origin/cause of an alarm or assist with evacuation during alarm conditions. In addition, although Harvard University Housing apartments are equipped with sophisticated safety devices monitored by the Operations Center (24 hours a day/365 days a year), the Operations Center may not always be aware of emergency responses, depending on how the call was placed and condition(s) triggering a response. In this instance responders will not have received information regarding those individuals who may have limited ability to evacuate.