Cronkhite Center Mail and Packages

Cronkhite Center Mail and Packages

Mail should be addressed to you as follows:

Your name
84 Brattle Street
Room XXX
Cambridge, MA 02138

Your mail will be sorted by Harvard University Mail Services (HUMS) and put into the lobby mailboxes. Mailboxes are assigned by your room number and are opened with the key given to you during check-in. Mail will be delivered Monday—Friday; Saturday mail is added to the Monday mail delivery. Packages will be left in the package room, which is located by the mailbox area. This locked room can be accessed by your Harvard ID.

Note: The United States Post Office considers the HUMS mailing facility its final destination for some mail and packages addressed to 84 Brattle Street. Therefore, you may get an alert that your mail/package has arrived before it is actually delivered to Cronkhite and sorted by the HUMS staff.

Mail Forwarding

Please click here to learn how you can set up mail forwarding. Note that first class mail and USPS packages can be forwarded to your new address. However, magazines to which you've subscribed and packages from private services (UPS, FedEx, etc.) cannot be forwarded.

Important Information

Please be aware that the Property Management Office does not accept or store packages for residents at any time. If you are shipping items to your HUH apartment, please plan for your packages to arrive after you move in, arrange for packages to be held by the post office or shipping company, or make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to receive and hold your packages.

We recommend that you put a hold on your mail if you plan to be away for an extended period of time. Visit to learn how you can do so.

Please be sure to recycle all of your mail and packaging waste. Additionally, we recommend visiting to reduce the amount of unwanted mail sent to your new address.