Cronkhite Center Community Standards

Cronkhite Center Community Standards


The Cronkhite Center has community bathrooms that may be shared by as many as 10-12 residents per wing. Please act courteously to fellow residents while utilizing the shared facilities. Appropriate clothing (e.g., bathrobes) must be worn in the hallways when a resident is coming from or going to the bathroom. 

Residents are expected to keep the bathrooms clean and free of personal belongings, including undergarments. Your neighbors also use these facilities and expect to find them in a serviceable condition. Community bathrooms are cleaned regularly by the custodial staff. Contact the Property Management Office if the condition of a bathroom becomes such that it cannot wait for the next scheduled cleaning.


Because this is a community environment, residents are required to keep their room and themselves clean and tidy. In addition, students are expected to clean up after themselves after using any common space or shared amenity. The custodial staff is here to maintain the facility, not to clean up after residents. Not meeting these requirements represents a violation of your housing contract.


  • Residents may have occasional guests for temporary visits of no more than three days/nights over a seven day period. Guests are not allowed to move to a different room to extend their stay. 
  • Guests may not stay overnight in Cronkhite unless the official resident will be present.
  • Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to stay overnight in Cronkhite.
  • Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests at all times, and guests may not use common areas of Cronkhite Graduate Center when the resident host is not present. HUH does not provide keys to guests, so the resident host will be responsible for letting their guest in and out of the residence hall and their room.


Please respect your fellow residents’ concerns regarding noise and keep all sound within reasonable limits. There should be no excessive noise at any time in Cronkhite. Residents having events or gatherings in individual rooms should keep noise levels down. Residents should also be mindful that hallways are not an ideal gathering space, particular late at night and early in the morning. Conversations in kitchens and lounges should be kept at reasonable volumes since these spaces neighbor individual rooms.

Quiet Hours:
Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM—7:00 AM every day. 24-hour quiet hours are in effect during reading and exam periods. If a resident is using a common room or lounge during quiet hours, noise should not be audible within any of the neighboring rooms or suites. During quiet hours, noise from a room should not be audible outside that room.

Resolving Noise Complaints:
If a resident is disturbed by noise produced by a neighbor, the resident should first communicate that concern directly to the neighbor, if they are comfortable doing so. It may be that the neighbor is unaware that the noise is as loud as it is or that it could be bothering other residents. If the problem persists after communicating with the neighbor, the resident should inform their Resident Advisor. If the residents feel that the Resident Advisor has not been able to solve the problem, the resident should contact the Property Management Office.