Faculty Real Estate Services

Faculty Real Estate Services

Faculty Real Estate Services
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Rental Services for Faculty

Faculty Real Estate Services, a division of Harvard University Housing, provides a broad range of housing services to both current faculty members and to those who are being recruited by the University.

Faculty and Staff Recruitment

We are here to support the University’s efforts to recruit prospective faculty and administrators by helping candidates find the community and home that meets their needs at a price they can afford.

Home Buying, Selling, and Moving

We provide advice to faculty and staff on home buying, selling, and moving with the assistance of Harvard’s Real Estate Assistance Program (REAP).

Rental Services for Faculty

Learn about the rental services we offer to Junior, Senior, and Associate faculty members.

Properties for Sale

Observatory Commons and Pleasant Street Condominiums, conveniently located in Cambridge, are available for eligible faculty members at below-market prices.


2020 Oct 21 - 12:14pm
  • 157 Pleasant Street, Unit 102. Two bedrooms with study and 2 full baths. $789,075.  
  • 157 Pleasant Street, Unit 311. Two bedrooms and 2 full baths. $785,125.  
  • 165 Pleasant Street, Unit 106. One bedroom and 1 full bath. $489,980.  
  • 165 Pleasant Street, Unit 416. Two bedrooms and 2 full baths. $777,090.  
2020 Oct 21 - 12:14pm
  • 243 Concord Avenue, Unit 7. Two bedrooms with study, two full baths.  $1,040,000.
  • 243 Concord Avenue, Unit 9. Three bedrooms with study, three full baths. $1,268,000. 
  • 243 Concord Avenue, Unit 14. Three bedrooms with study, two full baths. $1,330,000. 
  • 245 Concord Avenue, Unit 18. Two bedrooms with study, one and a half baths. $925,000. 
2020 Oct 21 - 12:13pm
Home Buying Webinars

Educate yourself on the homebuying process.  See details and register here


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