Roommate Information for Applicants

Roommate Information for Applicants

General Info

  • Eligibility and occupancy guidelines apply.
  • Roommates are not allowed at Cronkhite Graduate Center or 4-6 Mount Auburn Street.
  • You can search for a roommate by clicking the Roommates tab on the Off Campus Housing site. Note that not everyone posting to this site may be eligible to live in Harvard University Housing, so please check eligibility guidelines before applying.
  • Click here to read important information about rent obligations when living with a roommate.
  • In order to protect your security, never share your personal information (login ID and password) with a potential roommate or anyone else.


HUH does not match roommates nor mediate disputes between roommates, so be sure to choose your roommate(s) carefully. Protect yourself by choosing roommates you can trust, by making sure that all members of your roommate group will follow the policies and payment requirements listed in your lease, and by keeping HUH informed when you vacate your unit. Be sure you read and understand the important information about roommate rent regulations.

Applying with a Roommate

 If you plan to live with a roommate we recommend that each roommate applies individually.

  • If applying between March 1 and May 1 this will provide a window assigment for each applicant.
  • Whichever roommate selects an apartment first will sign the lease and then may request to add roommate(s).
  • Questions about this process? Please send an email to

Be aware of the following if you do choose to include any roommates on your application (recommended only if applying between May 2 and the end of February):

  • The person submitting the application is considered the primary applicant. 
  • Changes to the roommate portion of the application can be made by the primary applicant only until the application has been approved. Please contact the Leasing Office to request a change once the application is approved.
  • Only the primary applicant will receive emails from HUH during the application and leasing process.
  • Only the primary applicant is able to select an apartment.