Payment Info

Payment Info

Initial Payments

Initial payments are required to secure your selected unit. They are made by wire, credit card, check, or money order. The fastest and most reliable method for making your initial housing prepayment is by credit card using Harvard University Housing’s (HUH) online rent payment credit card link. Subsequent payments are due on or before the first day of each calendar month and Harvard University Housing strictly enforces a no-tolerance policy regarding late payment of rent. Students should monitor their accounts closely to ensure they pay rent in a timely manner and they are not in arrears. View detailed rent payment instructions.

Roommate Rent Regulations

Rent charges are divided evenly among co-residents, but the “joint and several liability” clause makes every resident (lease signer) responsible for the entire amount due and for the full cost of any damages to the unit. There is no paying “just your part.” This is the case regardless of the means roommates use to divide the rent/housing payment and expenses among themselves. If one roommate leaves the group, does not pay his/her share of the rent, or causes damage to the unit, then each of the other co-residents, individually as well as collectively, is responsible to HUH for payment of that person’s share and the cost of repairs. If all rent and other charges are not paid, all residents may be subject to legal action, including eviction. This may have, in addition, significant effects on your credit rating. Under the “joint and severally liability” clause, if legal disputes arise or back rent/housing payments are owed, HUH can pursue all (or any of) the signers of the lease/housing contract, at its discretion. If you pay the Landlord for charges due because of your co-resident’s actions, it is solely up to you to collect from the non-paying co-resident.

Additional Rent Payment Information

Refer to the first page of the sample HUH lease or sample HUH Cronkhite Graduate Center housing contract for additional information, as the payment process varies depending on your Harvard affiliation. You may also download initial and subsequent rent/housing payment instructions and information on how rent and housing contract charges are applied.