About 5A Sacramento Street

About 5A Sacramento Street

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are not available at 5A Sacramento Street. Please search online for the locations of nearby self-service laundries.

Pet Policy

5A Sacramento Street is designated as pet-friendly. Tenants have received required documents from the Leasing Office. Please click here for more information about pet-friendly policies.

Property and Bicycle Storage

  • Open storage space is available in the basement.
  • HUH does not recommend storage of valuables in the storage area.
  • We recommend the use of pallets in basement storage areas.
  • Storage is not allowed in the public hallways, stairwells, fire escapes, or near mechanical equipment in the basement. Any items left outside of the storage area may be removed and discarded or recycled by the Property Management staff without notification, at the tenant’s expense.
  • Bicycle racks are not available. Residents are advised to store bicycles in their apartments or in the basement storage area. 
  • HUH is not liable for water or any other damage to or loss of property.
  • Bicycles should not be left in hallways or attached to stairwell railing, benches entryways or gates.  Bicycles found in hallways or attached to the foregoing will be removed by the Property Management staff without notice at the owner’s expense. 
  • We require residents to register their bicycles with the Harvard University Police Department at www.hupd.harvard.edu.