Subletting Your Apartment or Room

Subletting Your Apartment or Room

Subletting information

  • Please download and carefully read the Sublet Kit for HUH apartments or the  Sublet Kit for Cronkhite Graduate Center rooms. They contain HUH subletting conditions, sublet periods, policies and procedures, an application, and related forms.
  • All sublet arrangements must be approved in writing in advance by Harvard University Housing.
  • Sublet requests are processed in the order they are received. During the busy summer season it might take up to ten business days to process your request; at other times of the year we typically process a sublet application within five business days.
  • To expedite the processing of your request, be sure that the application is complete, it is signed by all parties, and that all required documentation is submitted.

Please send an email to if you have any questions regarding HUH sublet policies.


Sublet Kits

  • Harvard University students or employees with proof of active affiliation within the University during the sublet period. 
    • A proposed subtenant who does not have a current Harvard ID must provide their Harvard University acceptance/appointment letter or Harvard Department-issued documentation with the Sublet Application.
    • Researchers must provide their Harvard Department letter to ensure eligibility prior to approval.  Not all researchers are eligible.
    • An HUID Person of Interest affiliation does not meet eligibility (e.g., special borrower, library, temporary access, vendors, and Smithsonian cards).
    • If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please check wtih your school or department to have them confirm that your role is that of a Harvard student or employee.
  • Students may not sub-lease beyond their graduate date as they are considered alumni and are no longer current affiliates.
  • Harvard Summer School students are eligible as long as their affiliation is during the sublet period.
  • Subletters who want to live in Cronkhite Graduate Center must be at least 21 years old at the beginning of the sublet period.
  • You cannot sublet to your family members unless they are eligible Harvard affiliates.
  • Residents holding an HUH lease or housing contract and their affiliated authorized occupants are not permitted to sublet another HUH apartment/unit during the term of their lease/contract.
  • Maximum occupancy guidelines apply.
  • All occupants must be approved affiliates, approved direct family members (a spouse/domestic partner, parent, child, or sibling of the subtenant), or other persons approved by Harvard University Housing (HUH—the Landlord), and such persons must be registered with HUH by the filing of a Sublet Authorized Occupant Form.

Details about sublet periods can be found in the sublet kits.

  • The only place you may list information regarding your sublet is on
  • Click here to learn how to post your free listing on
  • Any Harvard University Housing sublet posted anywhere other than is considered a violation of the lease/policies.
  • No information about an HUH sublet may be posted on any other website.
  • Violations are grounds for eviction.

Airbnb and other transient subletting/Short term rentals are not allowed

  • This includes “lending” your unit during graduation or over term breaks, and all similar arrangements via sites such as, Roamer, Facebook, Craigslist, etc.
  • Receipt of compensation for occupancy of your unit and/or allowing use of your unit via short-term rental website listings is specifically prohibited.
  • Use of your unit is limited to you, authorized occupants, and HUH-approved subletters. Use by anyone else is a violation of HUH policies and is grounds for eviction.

Safety and Security

  • Safety and security is a responsibility shared by all of our residents
  • Those who live in the building have the right to assume that other occupants are affiliates, family members, or guests known to members of our community as specifically authorized in your lease/contract. 
  • As such, all residents must adhere to the subletting policies -- violations are grounds for eviction.

How to Search for a Sublet

  • Visit
  • Click the "Housing" tab.
  • Click "HUH Sublet" and any other applicable filters.
  • Contact the person who listed the sublet.