Harvard at Trilogy Mail & Packages

Harvard at Trilogy Mail & Packages

The mailroom is located on the first floor (behind the elevators). Each resident is given one key (replacement key $5). Residents must clearly write their name on a sticker and put the sticker inside the mailbox on the bottom all the way to the back  so the mail carrier can read it. Mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service that is too big to fit inside the mailbox is put in one of the larger lock boxes, and the mail carrier will put a labeled key inside your mailbox so you can retrieve your mail. After retrieving the mail from the larger mail box, you should leave the key in the lock of the larger mail box.

Important Information

Please be aware that the Property Management Office does not accept or store packages for residents at any time. If you are shipping items to your HUH apartment, please plan for your packages to arrive after you move in, arrange for packages to be held by the post office or shipping company, or make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to receive and hold your packages.

We recommend that you put a hold on your mail if you plan to be away for an extended period of time. Visit www.usps.com to learn how you can do so.

Please be sure to recycle all of your mail and packaging waste. Additionally, we recommend visiting www.dmachoice.org to reduce the amount of unwanted mail sent to your new address.