GCP Teams

GCP Teams


Professor Christopher Winship & Nancy Winship - Faculty Directors

Chris Winship is the Diker-Tishman Professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and also a member of the Harvard Kennedy School’s senior faculty.  His research spans a wide variety of fields from the development of statistical models for assessing causality, the application of the philosophical field of pragmatism to sociology, ethnographic work study partnerships in Boston to deal with gang violence between the police and a group of black inner city ministers known as the Ten Point Coalition, to the study of effects of education on mental and test taking ability. He is co-director of the Boston Area Research Initiative, an inter-university effort to provide highquality research to inform local policy decision- making. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Harvard in 1977. Prior to coming back to Harvard in 1994, he was professor of Sociology, Statistics, and Economics at Northwestern University. He is an avid tennis player.  

Nancy K. Winship is the senior vice president for Institutional Advancement and a member of the President’s Cabinet at Brandeis University.  During her tenure at Brandeis, Nancy has quadrupled the University’s yearly fundraising total and planned and implemented the first comprehensive campaign in the University’s history.  She received her B.A. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, summa cum laude, and pursued graduate work in Sociology (ABD) at Harvard University. Chris & Nancy support the Garden Area community and reside in beautiful 29 Garden Street. 

Howell Hill photo.jpg

Professor Nancy Hill & Rendall Howell - Faculty Directors

Theodore, also known as Theo, is in first grade at Shady Hill School. When he is not reading about and playing with his trucks, airplanes, rescue vehicles and watching Rescue-bots, he enjoys riding his bike, running, playing the piano, and playing with his friends.

Taylor, our “nearly adult” daughter, is a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  She is focusing on gender studies, international relations, and public policy. When she is not studying, she is an avid baker, enjoys reading, writing, and sleeping in.

Rendall Howell is an Strategic Account Manager at NCR, a financial equipment and technology company serving clients in the financial services industry. He earned his BA in Economics at Oberlin College and his MBA in Finance at Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. In his spare time, Rendall enjoys playing his trumpet and playing any sport.

Nancy E. Hill is the Charles Bigelow Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and former Radcliffe Professor. Professor Hill is a developmental psychologist and her research focuses primarily on adolescence.  Further, she identifies the unique and interactive ways in which race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status influence parenting beliefs, practices and youth outcomes.  In addition, she was a recent recipient of the William T. Grant Foundation Distinguished Faculty Fellowship for her work on improving adolescents’ academic adjustment holistically via interagency collaborations at the state and local levels.  Prior to coming to Harvard in 2007, she was on faculty in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University.  She enjoys cycling, cooking, and kayaking on the Charles River.

Together, as a family, we enjoy being outside, going to concerts, eating, and are actively involved in our church.


Lisa started her career at Harvard in the Facilities Group at the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study before transitioning to Harvard Housing in 2008.  She is currently the Associate Director for Graduate Commons and is responsible for programming in all Graduate Commons properties, overseeing nearly 300 events each year.  Lisa previously spent 5 years as a management consultant at Accenture, working for clients such as NYU, University of Chicago, and The Ohio State University, before returning to graduate school to begin her career in Student Life. She acts as the student service contact for all Harvard graduate schools and provides invaluable Boston/Cambridge info as well.

Lisa has a BA in Political Science and an MA in Education. She loves to explore New England, attends yoga classes when she can, and is a fan of the local live music scene. She also loves to talk about her three nieces and her hometown of Chicago.

Ashley-headshot.jpg Ashley Johnson - Senior Program Manager

Ashley is a “Jersey girl” who moved to Boston for graduate school and never left! When she’s not exploring Cambridge, she can usually be found chasing an Ultimate Frisbee disk. She enjoys long road trips and attempting complicated cookbook recipes.  She looks forward to getting to know the residents here and learning what types of events they are interested in.
Garden-Lauren Ann.jpg

Lauren Ann - Community Advisor
Lauren is a graduate student studying international relations. She focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals, pretexts to conflicts, and post-conflict resolution. In her free time, she is a philosopher of sandwiches. Lover of cartwheels, and perpetually desirous of coffee and traveling.


Angela Jackson – Community Advisor

Angela is an award-winning social entrepreneur. After spending a successful career in Corporate America she combined her private sector experience with the expertise of language educators, and founded Global Language Project teach disadvantaged students proficiency in a foreign language, to prepare them for higher education scholarship opportunities and to ultimately compete in a global workforce. After having lived and traveled abroad in over 25 countries, Angela has now settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is a doctoral candidate at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, where her research and interests are around how to ensure at a systems level that we prepare students to be workforce ready. In her spare times she is a avid runner, meal delivery cook aficionado, and is training for her first triathlon.
Garden-Vaughn Kurtenbach.jpg

Vaughn Kurtenbach - Community Advisor
Vaughn is originally from San Francisco, California. She is a graduate student at Columbia University and is currently completing field work in Boston, where she works with young adults diagnosed with autism. She also works at Harvard Business School as the Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer for The Harbus, which publishes the Business School’s newspaper and admissions products. Along with being a community advisor for Gardenside, she is a social chair for both Harvard Business School’s and Harvard Law School’s partners' clubs.  Her husband is pursuing his JD and MBA at both schools. She and her husband are the proud parents of the world’s cutest Pomeranian (in their eyes, at least).

Jorge_Onieva_and_ Nina_Dinjask.png

Jorge Onieva & Nina Dinjaski- Community Advisors
Jorge is a software engineer and he recently started his PhD in biomedical imaging at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He served as CTO in a startup company in Madrid, Spain before coming to Cambridge. Nina recently started her new position at tech transfer office as licensing associate. Previous to that she held a joint postdoctoral scholar appointment at MIT and at Tufts University. Jorge and Nina met in Madrid, where Nina came from Serbia to do her PhD in molecular microbiology. In 2013 they decided it's time for new adventures and came to Cambridge (despite the opposition of Bubbles the cat, she's not a fan of long flights).

Garden-Carlos Perea.jpg Carlos Perea - Community Advisor

Carlos is a post-doctoral fellow working at the Molecular Biology of the Massachusetts General Hospital, affiliated to HMS. He obtained his PhD in Madrid (Spain), the city where he was born, studying how plants respond to environmental stresses. Now, he is interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating the segregation of chromosomes during the cell division. 

Carlos joined Harvard Housing together with his wife Sandra, also working as a researcher at Boston University, in June 2016. They love both Boston and Cambridge, even during the northeastern storms in the winter, but deeply miss their family and the Spanish cuisine. They enjoy sailing, running, cooking and hiking together at National Parks. In the fall of 2017 they visited Yellowstone, a place they will never forget.

Armi Sippel.jpg

Armi Sippel - Community Advisor
Armi is mom to two boys, Elijah (age 14) and Isaiah (age 10) and wife to Tim, who is a second year doctoral student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. She and her family moved to Cambridge last summer from sunny Pasadena, California and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the seasons that New England has to offer. Prior to coming to Cambridge, Armi worked as a youth and family pastor, a neighborhood community center director, and an elementary school teacher. She currently works as an assistant teacher in the Structured English Immersion program at the Graham and Parks School in Cambridge.  Armi and her husband enjoy exploring new cities and cheering on their sons at their baseball games and speedcubing tournaments. 

Garden-Mozhdeh Sojoodi.jpg

Mozhdeh Sojoodi - Community Advisor
Mozhdeh is a postdoctoral research fellow in Mass General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. She is originally from Shiraz, Iran and earned her PhD in Biomedical Science from Free University of Brussels, Belgium. Mozhdeh has joined MGH in 2016, where she conducts research on liver and pancreas cancer diagnosis and treatment. She is particularly interested in finding new anti-fibrotic drugs and has several collaborations with pharmaceutical companies. Traveling and exploring new places are her favorites, and in her spare time, she loves cooking - especially Middle Eastern foods, watching soccer, and listening to classic Persian music.


Tara Sowrirajan – Community Advisor
Tara is a PhD student in computer science working on an artificial pancreas for diabetes treatment. She is originally from Colorado and spent the last four years at Caltech enjoying the palm trees! Tara loves singing, dancing, and exploring nature. She loves being with people and is really excited to meet everyone!

Justin Stern.png Justin Stern - Community Advisor

Justin is a PhD student in the Department of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at the Graduate School of Design.  His research focus is on the history and theory of urban form in cities in East and Southeast Asia, and he has visited 61 countries and counting–some for fieldwork, but most to satisfy his ‘travel bug’.  Justin is looking forward to sharing his love of architecture and urban design with the GCP community by sponsoring walking tours of Boston’s rich architectural heritage.
Garden-Doro Unger-Lee.jpg

Doro Unger-Lee - Community Advisor
Doro is a program manager at MIT and mom to two little energetic girls. Her husband is a Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows. Originally from Germany, she moved to the United States in 2011. After six years in California, she and her family relocated to Cambridge. They live in Holden Green and enjoy discovering Massachusetts and making friends at the playground.

Uy family.jpg

Satrick and Cathy Uy – Community Advisors
Satrick works for the Harvard Faculty Club, where he is in charge of Banquet Services, while Cathy works for an IT company. They are blessed with three amazing kids: Alexandra, Camerone and Angelique. Prior to moving to Cambridge, they were actively involved in the New Jersey and New York communities, organizing several profit, non-profit events, and annual parades for the Eastern Seaboard.

Aside from their passion in organizing events they enjoy wine/beer tasting, listening to live bands and exploring the world.

sawyer xue.png

Yunlu “Sawyer” Xue - Community Advisor - (Trilogy)
Sawyer is a postdoc fellow at Harvard Medical School studying retinal degenerative diseases. Prior to Harvard, he did his PhD in Neuroscience at Washington University in St. Louis, and BSc at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His hometown is Xi’an, a city of over 3000 years history, in China.

Sawyer loves all kinds of outdoor activities, especially hiking, biking, and rock climbing.

Brandon_Woo.jpg Brandon Woo - Cronkhite Resident Advisor
Brandon is a second year PhD student in psychology. Before coming to Harvard, Brandon lived in Vancouver, Canada, where he studied psychology at the University of British Columbia. In his research, Brandon broadly examines how people understand what others think and know. Beyond his research, Brandon enjoys staying active, cooking and baking, watching film, discussing current events, and eating ice cream.



Subramanian and Clement.jpg

Professor Guhan Subramanian & Helen Clement - Faculty Directors

Guhan Subramanian is the Joseph Flom Professor of Law & Business at Harvard Law School and the Douglas Weaver Professor of Business Law at the Harvard Business School.  His research, teaching, and advisory work focus on corporate governance, corporate law, and negotiations.  He is the faculty chair for the JD/MBA program at Harvard and the Chair for Research at the Harvard Program on Negotiation. He enjoys tennis, running and free weights in his spare time.

Helen Clement is a Managing Director at Wellington Management, an investment management firm based in downtown Boston.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Oxford University and a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.  She enjoys cycling and tennis in her spare time.


Vinny Manoharan and Michelle Carter - Faculty Directors

More information coming soon.


Lisa started her career at Harvard in the Facilities Group at the Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study before transitioning to Harvard Housing in 2008.  She is currently the Associate Director for Graduate Commons and is responsible for programming in all Graduate Commons properties, overseeing nearly 300 events each year.  Lisa previously spent 5 years as a management consultant at Accenture, working for clients such as NYU, University of Chicago, and The Ohio State University, before returning to graduate school to begin her career in Student Life. She acts as the student service contact for all Harvard graduate schools and provides invaluable Boston/Cambridge info as well.

Lisa has a BA in Political Science and an MA in Education. She loves to explore New England, attends yoga classes when she can, and is a fan of the local live music scene. She also loves to talk about her three nieces and her hometown of Chicago.

Amanda Head shot_3.jpg

Amanda Sharick - Senior Program Manager

In 2017, Amanda earned her Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Riverside (UCR). Over the last seven years, Amanda has taught, tutored, and mentored undergraduate and graduate students at UCR, Newbury College, and Harvard Divinity School. In her spare time, Amanda loves to read and write about novels, take Zumba classes, and binge-watch Netflix series. (She’s also a fan of the Oxford comma.)

Originally from Southern California, Amanda became a member of the GCP community (as a resident) in 2012. From 2013-2016, Amanda served as a Community Advisor and then Family Programming Community Advisor before joining the GCP professional staff in March 2016. Given the different roles Amanda has held within GCP, she plans to draw on her experiences to enhance and diversify programming offered by the Graduate Commons moving forward.

Feel free to email her at amanda_sharick@harvard.edu with questions or suggestions for programs.



Kajun “Kay” Lloyd (she/her/hers) - Program Manager
Kay is a proud Michigander who moved to Massachusetts for graduate school. Over the years, Kay fell in love with Western Massachusetts, and enjoys hiking and biking the many trails in the Hampshire County area. Now, she is eager to navigate a new environment and explore everything Cambridge and Boston has to offer. 

Kay earned a B.A. in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies and an M.Ed. in Higher Education. She enjoys volunteering with local community organizations, reading, jogging, and Lip-Sync battles. Kay is excited to create and support events that help make Harvard home for all residents. If you have any event ideas or questions, please email her. She loves to hear from residents!

  Sonya Bhatia - Community Advisor 
Sonya is a fourth year graduate student in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences program (BBS) under GSAS. She currently studies the export of gene silencing signals in worms. She is also a proud graduate of Smith College. In her free time Sonya loves to travel, cook, and try out new eateries in Boston. One day, she dreams of owning a golden retriever.
James and Hanna Carbaugh.jpg

James and Hanna Carbaugh - Community Advisors
James and Hanna are both New Yorkers who have spent the last several years living everywhere else! Hanna took a break from teaching to join James in the Tokyo suburbs. After ten years in the Navy, James is now an MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. James and Hanna enjoy spending time with their two young daughters, Mary, and Elizabeth, at local zoos, gardens, and aquariums and they are always on the hunt for delicious spicy foods! They look forward to getting to know all the new students and families as they discover the best of Boston together!


Olivia Carpenter - Community Advisor
Olivia is a second-year PhD student in the English department here at Harvard. Her research focuses on eighteenth-century Anglophone literature, and she takes particular interest in race and gender in the novel. Originally from Los Angeles, she moved here from Albuquerque, NM, and is happily adjusting to life in beautiful New England! When not reading through a heap of novels, she delights in all things creative including knitting, sewing, embroidery, and getting lost in contemplating the beauty of the Charles at sunset.

Liudmyla Mila Goncharenko.jpg

Liudmyla “Mila” Goncharenko - Community Advisor
Mila, as friends call her, is originally from Ukraine. After living in Germany and Italy, she moved to Boston in 2018, following her husband, a current MBA student at HBS. She holds two Masters degrees, in English Language and Literature and European Studies, and is currently working on the HBS Alumni Relations Team. For six years Mila has volunteered in various youth organizations fostering newcomers into their new communities. She continues her passion of building stronger communities by having joined the GCP team and teams of several clubs at HBS. In her spare time, Mila enjoys swimming, exploring Boston, and attending various discussions at Harvard. She looks forward to getting to know the residents and spending time in fun and exciting activities together.

  Adam and Chelsey Parrott-Sheffer - Community Advisors
The Parrott-Sheffer family is excited to be returning to Peabody as first time Community Advisors. Being on the Charles River has great appeal as it reminds them of their home on Lake Michigan in Chicago. Chelsey spends her working hours at a law firm in human resources and enjoys gardening, cooking, yoga, and writing. Adam is a doctoral candidate at the Graduate School of Education and can be found most mornings swimming at Blodgett and is sometimes caught in the kitchen inventing new flavors of ice cream. Nathan and Nicky are happy students in Cambridge Schools, looking to rebuild the world one Lego structure at a time when they aren't running playground to playground, practicing Tae Kwon do, or adventuring as Cub Scouts. They look forward to connecting with each of you and learning from you over the course of the year.

Alena Yermalovich and Pavel Paromov – Playroom Managers  
Alena is a Ph.D. student in Biological Sciences in Public Health Program, studying in the laboratory of Dr. George Daley at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Alena’s research is focused on understanding mechanisms underlying pediatric tumors. Pavel is a recent Boston University Law School graduate who is admitted to the Bar in Massachusetts. He practices in immigration and criminal law. In addition, Pavel is certified by Committee for Public Counseling Services to represent children in juvenile court. Originally Alena is from Belarus and Pavel is from Russia. They have lived in 10 Akron since 2009. They have a beautiful 2.5 year old daughter, Victoria, and a new baby, Max. They are excited to join the Graduate Commons Program as the Family Playroom Community Advisors this year and look forward to meet new residents and families in the Graduate Commons Program!

  Paul Tylkin - Community Advisor
Paul is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science. He is a member of the EconCS research group.


Photo by Dominci Tschope

Raymundo Baez & Eva Gottschalk - Family Programming (Events)
Eva, Raymundo, Maya (5), and Sebastian (2) moved to Peabody Terrace in 2015 and instantly felt at home in this community. They’ve been regulars at GCP events and are excited to take a more active role in the community as Family Programmers.

Eva grew up in Germany and holds a Master’s in Public Administration. She worked for the Governmental Social Research Service in the UK for seven years before coming to Boston. Here, Eva has kept busy leading the HSSPA playgroup and auditing classes at Harvard. Raymundo was born in Mexico and holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge. He works as a postdoctoral fellow at Mass General Hospital. Raymundo loves the game of soccer and keeps fit by cycling to work along the river all year around. Maya and Sebastian are good buddies and love to hang out with their PT friends on our fabulous playgrounds.