Graduate Commons has committed itself this semester to helping you L.E.A.D.  As we head into April, our last full month on campus, we hope you'll take these last few weeks to not only work hard, but play hard.  It's time to DO SOMETHING!

To date, we have shared opportunities to LEARN by inviting Professors from across the University to discuss President Trump's first 100 days, immigration and homeland security, as well as our upcoming talk on criminal justice in the U.S. with Ron Sullivan (HLS). 

We then found ways for you to EXPLORE all Harvard has to offer, including a talk by Mayor Walsh and upcoming events on gender in sports at Radcliffe and gun violence at HLS.  The International Office, HLS Law Clinics, and Counseling Office remain available to any one seeking more information or ASSISTance during these times.  

Now, we turn our attention to DOing.  Tag us this month as you #gcpdosomething in service of yourself, your community, or just when checking something off your Harvard bucket list. Check out our EVENT CALENDARS on the left to learn more!

Announcement goes on: 

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