GCP Celebrates Inaugural Faculty Directors

After eight years of service and mentorship, the Faculty Directors of the Riverside Graduate Commons programs at Akron and Cowperthwaite facilities will be transitioning out of their leadership roles at the end of the semester.


Professors Davíd Carrasco and María Luisa Parra (10 Akron Street) along with Professor Jennifer Lerner and Dr. Brian Gill (5 Cowperthwaite Street) will bid farewell to GCP at the conclusion of the 2015-2016 academic year. The two couples have been instrumental in the development and growth of Graduate Commons from a 2-building pilot program introduced in 2008, to its current reach across 3,000 Harvard University Housing units. Having interacted with countless graduate students and their families over the years, the Faculty Directors depart with many friendships and fond memories of their time with GCP. Celebrations to honor the four took place at the beginning of May.

Learn about the incoming Faculty Directors.

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